13th July 2022

UK Perfect Breitling Aerospace Replica Watches For Men

In late 2019, stock of cheap fake Breitling Aerospace EVO models became scarce, and this continued long into 2021. I had luck finding a black-dial Aerospace at the beginning of 2020 thanks to a fellow Breitling collector in Prague. But locating an EVO in the UK was a rarity. Towards the end of last year, supply came back, following a brief period with the threat of discontinuation. While nearly ten years seems quite long in the tooth for a digital watch, the luxury replica Breitling Aerospace EVO still performs well. Nowhere is this demonstrated better than this new launch with the RAF Red Arrows squadron. I’ve been watching displays by the Red Arrows my whole life and as recently as last year. The Red Arrows display is a mainstay of any significant event in the UK, including the British Grand Prix and this year’s Platinum Jubilee.

During last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Red Arrows team gave an emphatic display after being grounded for most of 2020. The emblem of the “diamond nine” is prominently showcased on the 1:1 fake Breitling Aerospace EVO’s dial, as with most Red Arrows merchandise. Even the teacups are stored on the wall in this formation with each pilot’s number (Red 1, Red 2, etc.) in the cafeteria of its RAF Scampton base (although the team is planning to move headquarters to RAF Waddington soon after this displaying season). Being such a big fan of the Red Arrows, it’s somewhat annoying that I already picked up a blue-dial AAA replica Breitling Aerospace EVO earlier this year. Perhaps a part exchange is in order, but I’d need to be quick. This watch is limited to 350 pieces worldwide.

Aerospace EVO Red Arrows price and availability
The Swiss made replica Breitling Aerospace EVO Red Arrows will be available at boutiques and authorized dealers across the UK. It will also be available online at Breitling.com. If you’re unfamiliar with the Aerospace EVO, the SuperQuartz™ caliber B79 is a COSC-certified chronometer with 3-4 years of battery life. The thermo-compensation of the SuperQuartz™ movement maintains the accuracy between ±10 seconds over a year. And despite the lack of a screw-down crown, the lightweight Grade 2 titanium case achieves 100 meters of water resistance. For this special model, the Eclat crest replaces the usual conversion metrics on the case back. Even with the 43mm diameter, the top copy Breitling Aerospace EVO is incredibly wearable. The 10.8mm case height and comfortable Professional Titanium III bracelet help greatly in that regard.

The high quality replica Breitling Aerospace is perfect for including unique emblems and logos for various flying squadrons worldwide. That’s best exemplified by the Fratello team’s Aerospace watches, from Bert’s RAF 28 Squadron with Merlin dial (below) to Rob’s Everest Skydive edition. Top fake Breitling’s partnership with the Royal Air Force dates back to the 1930s with onboard chronographs.

Similarly, the Red Arrows collaboration has enjoyed 30-year longevity. It has included many timepieces, such as 2021’s Chronomat B01, which we covered here. Between that watch and the Swiss movement fake Breitling Aerospace EVO Red Arrows, it would make for a nice two-watch collection. Whereas the Chronomat was £6,900, the EVO is more attainable at £3,500 for each of the 350 pieces. This is only £100 more than the standard Aerospace.

It’ll be interesting to see where Aerospace goes from here. We’ve seen Bluetooth-connected Professional watches from best quality replica Breitling, including the B55 Connected. But these timepieces have since left the catalog and been replaced with the Endurance PRO. The Endurance PRO uses a similar SuperQuartz™ movement but focuses the functionality on the chronograph. It also uses the proprietary super clone Breitlight® case with 100% Swiss-made polymer composite. I’d love to see this material spread to the Aerospace, as the DLC-coated titanium Aerospace EVO Night Mission tends to scratch, revealing the base color. The Breitlight® has the same dark tone but is virtually scratch-resistant, so it could replace the DLC as the new Night Mission. Would I also want a smart/connected Swiss fake Breitling Aerospace? Perhaps the current market demands it, and we’ve seen TAG Heuer enter the smartwatch game. But I’m still on the fence, as I appreciate the long battery life and accuracy despite being “offline.”

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